Professor Werner Leodolter Passes Away

Professor Werner Leodolter Passes Away
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Professor Werner Leodolter, former CEO of the Styrian hospitals (KAGes) and the Editor-in-Chief of IT at, passed away in a tragic car accident in Iceland. His wife, Andrea Leodolter, Vice President of the Styrian Red Cross, has survived and is currently being treated in a hospital in Iceland. The accident happened Thursday afternoon on a country road in southern Iceland, approximately three hours from Reykjavik. 

Prof Leodolter was an IT pioneer and a leading visionary in healthcare. He was currently the CIO of KAGes, Professor of Applied Business Management in Healthcare at the University of Graz and a lecturer at the Medical University of Graz and Graz University of Technology. He also wrote two books, "The Subconscious of Organizations - New Technologies - Rethinking Organizations" and "Digital Transformation Shaping the Subconscious Minds of Organizations – Innovative Organizations and Hybrid Intelligence".

Prof Ledolter was a family man who was very active in sports and loved to travel. He leaves behind two adult daughters. 

The team at is deeply saddened by this loss and extends its condolences to Prof Leodolter's family and friends. 

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Published on : Mon, 4 Sep 2023

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